100W car audio speaker for police car /load speaker /CAR ALARM YL100

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Key Specifications/Special Features:
•Power: 100W
Impedance: 4, 6 or 8Ω
Frequency range: 400 to 4,000Hz
Distortion factor: ≤5%
Sound pressure: 120 to 130dB
•Weight: 2.5kg
•Packing size: 24.5*21*15cm

•With intensity, water-proof, damp-proof and corrosion-proof shape, durable and energy saving
•Adapted quality alnico and it provides with high efficiency conversion, high- pitched advanced techniques, nicer making and high dependability
•Can provide all kinds of speaker winding and fittings
•Series are fitted for same power sirens
•Horn series can directly used for connecting electronic source and with some ton



Car electrical speaker

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